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Specialty Knitting

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For decades, textiles were the heart of manufacturing in the Carolinas. Today, Parker Medical is one of the few remaining facilities that knits its own fabric. We offer woven and warp fiber glass knits in a variety of widths. We have heat cleaning capabilities to remove imperfections and are experts in sewing layers of knit tapes to the end users desired thickness. Our raw fiberglass meets all industry standards and is free from toxic ingredients. Our fiberglass knits can be found in products in athletic trainer kits, in protective gear worn by professional football and baseball players, and along major industrial pipeline repairs.


Parker’s fiberglass yarns are E-Glass filaments, brought together to form a yarn. The structure of the yarn is fixed and protected by a size and a slight twist, generally in Z-direction.

*Specialty Knitting services are not currently available to new customers.

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Knitting Operations

Warp Knitting

The sequential formation and interlinking of loops in an axial direction on a lateral array of needles with at least one separate thread being supplied to each needle. The loops are joined together in a width-wise direction by moving the threads back and forth between adjacent needles.

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