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Here's What We Offer...

We specialize in computerized cutting capabilities for advanced textiles, industrial fabrics, composites and other flexible soft goods in both sheet and rolled format.


Our state-of-the-art Eastman S125 Static Automated Cutting System is ideal for most fabric based cutting projects. Each cut made by our Eastman cutter is made with optimal precision and accuracy. Our cuts meet or exceed any requested tolerance.

We also utilize the ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Press.  It's an ideal press for die cutting sheets of various materials with small cutting dies. The swing arm can easily be moved left or right to assure maximum visibility of the material and the collection of the cut pieces.

Our dies are precision engineered and custom made for us in North Carolina. A die is typically a hardened metal shape that is capable of cutting fabric, knit glass, and many other materials. A die can be designed to cut through single or multiple layers of material simultaneously in order to produce identical copies of the final cut shape. Custom material cutting by Parker Medical allows both promotional materials and many other products to be produced efficiently in bulk.

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Cutting Operations

Eastman S125 Static Cutting System

The static cutting table has proven itself as the go-to resource for materials like cotton, nylon and vinyl as well as hard to-cut materials.

ATOM Die Cutting

The SE-25 swing arm clicker with automatic stroke is designed to cut with different height dies without any adjustment, and single potentiometer.

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Additional Info...

With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, we are highly proficient in evaluating our customer's needs.  We work closely with partners to streamline the production process from start to finish.  Here's a list of services we can provide:

+  Complimentary time study analysis for estimates

+  Small test cut run can be completed for quality assurance prior to commitment

+  Marking, labeling and kitting options

+  Reduce material waste & labor costs

+  Automated cutting systems feature individually aligned and calibrated tool holders

    fitted with rotary blades, drag blades, notches and punches

+  Fast turnaround

+  Accept most CAD file formats (dxf is preferred)

+  Single and multiple-ply cutting available (up to 7cm of compressed material)

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