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Parker Medical Associates offers specialty commercial contract sewing services.  We can accommodate most sewing project requests, large and small in our 15,000 sq. ft. facility located in Charlotte, NC. 

Our highly skilled sewists have decades of combined experience with various product lines, materials and operations that include, but are not limited to:  Binding, overlock, single needle and prep sewing.  In addition to our customary proprietary fiberglass impregnated product offerings, our skilled team can efficiently and expertly sew and assemble almost any product or piece, large to small, simple to complex.  Our team prides itself on being able to sew, finish and assemble all types of fabrics, knit and materials, including those coated with resins and polymers. In addition, our sewists, as well as all of our team members, are cross trained in all other areas of operations:  Automated snap machines, heat transfer, heat sealing, labeling and packaging equipment.  See Additional Info below. 

Our goal at PMA is to provide customers with high quality finished goods at a fair rate. How can we help streamline your product line?

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Sewing Operations


In our sewing process, binding is used to finish a seam of a product or hem of a garment, usually by rolling or pressing layers together and then stitching on an edge.  This is also referred to as trim sewing.


An overlock stitch sews over the edge of one or multiple pieces of cloth for edging, hemming, or seaming. Usually an overlock machine (also known as serger) will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed through, although some are made without cutters.

Single Needle

The lockstitch (aka. single needle stitch) uses two threads, an upper and lower. The two threads "lock" together in the hole as needle passes through fabric. The upper thread runs from a spool and the lower thread is unwound from bobbin.

Prep Sewing

We often say, 75% of the sewing process is properly prepping the goods to sew and the other 25% is finishing the sewing project.  We utilize both automated and manual prepping equipment.

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Additional Info...

In today’s business environment, every manufacturer faces supply chain, distribution, and sourcing challenges.  Sourcing especially has become of critical importance. At Parker Medical we have a long and successful history, and over 200 years of combined experience, in sourcing, distributing, and shipping domestically and internationally. We focus on price and quality throughout this process and conduct it in a way that promotes ethical and sustainable business practices.

Sourcing is the location, acquisition and management of all the vital inputs required for a business to operate. This includes raw materials, component parts, products, labor in all its forms, location and services. Strategic sourcing is often used for high value services, ad hoc purchases and core large value purchases. When a customer asks that Parker assist in sourcing, here’s what we do:

+  Evaluation of the company’s current purchasing cycles
+  Evaluation of what is currently available in the supply market
+  A review of the cost benefit analysis of using other suppliers

+  A review of potential vendors

+  An update of the current procurement strategy

+  Negotiations with potential vendors to ensure that they meet the new procurement
    strategy and cost benefit analysis

+  Implementation of the new vendor relationship

+  On a continuous process, review and update the strategic sourcing

If your product is still in the concept phase, our Product Development team is available to assist you in moving to production. Fees are based on the complexity of the product.

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Sewing Capabilities: Services

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