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Packaging & Fulfillment

Packaging & Fulfillment: Welcome

Here's What We Offer...

Our professional staff are available and responsive to the needs of your business. Our record of quality and timeliness is unparalleled.


We are very aware that no two companies have the same fulfillment requirements and can offer flexible fulfillment plans to fit your company's specific needs.   Whatever the project, whatever the timeline, whatever the size and scope, we can get your product to markets locally and globally. Our experience and expertise encompasses designing and sourcing labels, bar codes, ​and retail packaging – both brick and mortar and online. Fulfillment is not an add on, it is an essential and everyday piece of our operations at Parker Medical.

Packaging & Fulfillment: Services

Fulfillment Operations

Packaging & Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is a process consisting

of receiving and processing goods

for distribution to customers.  

Shipping Carriers

UPS Ground, Air and Freight

FedEx Ground and Express

LTL Freight

Packaging & Fulfillment: List

Additional Info...

Our Shipping Department currently provides domestic shipping opportunities via multiple carriers:

United Parcel Service

FedEx Ground and Express

LTL Freight

US Mail

Contact us with any International Shipping requests.

Packaging & Fulfillment: About
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Closing a package
Packaging & Fulfillment: Services

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Other Services

Sewing Capabilities

Binding, Overlock, Single Needle

Contract Cutting

Eastman S125 System

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Specialty Knitting

Fiberglass Yarn

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Packaging & Fulfillment: List
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