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Infused Silver-Ion Technology


Soft, Supple, Wicking Fabric

Bright White Polyester

One of the biggest complaints about wearing a cast is the bad ODOR! Bacteria causes the odor. Patients and Clinicians have dealt with this annoying fact for years. Modern casts are the perfect breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. Whether it’s on your arm or leg, a cast can trap in moisture and the microorganisms begin to grow in the wet, dark and warm environment. The odor can often begin within the first few days of wearing a cast.

ISS Silver Nette is made with a zirconium phosphate based ceramic ion-exchange resin which contains silver. The silver antimicrobial formula is infused into the threads during the fiber creation. The polyester fibers are then knitted into a soft and supple stockinette. ISS Silver stockinette prevents growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms, killing odor by interfering with the bacteria’s metabolism. The wicking fabric of ISS Silver Nette has been developed to have a sustained release of silver ions, which result in a non-topical, non-toxic, stockinette that produces a long term proactive odor control solution.

Cost Difference
Product Literature
  • Item NumberColorDescriptionSizeQuantity
    PST-125ISSWhiteParker Premium Nette 1″ x 25 yards ISS Silver Polyester Stockinette1" x 25 yds (2.5cm x 22.8m) 1 Roll
    PST-225ISSWhiteParker Premium Nette 2″ x 25 yards ISS Silver Polyester Stockinette2" x 25 yds (5cm x 22.8m) 1 Roll
    PST-325ISSWhiteParker Premium Nette 3″ x 25 yards ISS Silver Polyester Stockinette3" x 25 yds (7.5cm x 22.8m) 1 Roll
    PST-425ISSWhiteParker Premium Nette 4″ x 25 yards ISS Silver Polyester Stockinette4" x 25 yds (10cm x 22.8m) 1 Roll
    PST-625ISSWhiteParker Premium Nette 6″ x 25 yards ISS Silver Polyester Stockinette6" x 25 yds (15cm x 22.8m) 1 Roll
  • When evaluating the cost difference between ISS Silver Stockinette and regular Parker Nette, we break it down by looking at how much more it costs per application, or per cast.

    Parker Premium ISS Silver Nette is only 15¢ more than Parker Nette per application.

  • Download Parker Premium Nette ISS Silver Literature
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