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Service Items


Parker Medical Associates offers several items to help make our splints as cost effective as possible.

  • Replacement Scissors – Call Customer Service or your local sales representative for replacement scissors.
  • Front Loading Dispenser Systems – Parker Splint Front Loading Dispensers come in 3 sizes for complete coverage of cardboard boxes meeting JACHO Standards.
  • Single Red Seal Dispenser Systems – Our patented “Red Seal” dispenser system incorporates a clear front panel that doubles as the resealing clip – no more lost clips. The red top indicates when complete closure is achieved. Traditional front loading dispensers are available upon request.
Item NumberItem DescriptionQuantity
PSSCParker Splint Scissors1
PSDT234Parker Splint 3 Compartment Front Loading Dispenser System1
PSDT2345Parker Splint 4 Compartment Front Loading Dispenser System1
PSDT23456Parker Splint 5 Compartment Front Loading Dispenser System1
PSD123Parker Splint 1/2/3" Single Red Seal Dispenser1
PSD4Parker Splint 4" Single Red Seal Dispenser1
PSD56Parker Splint 5/6" Single Red Seal Dispenser1
PSCARTParker Splinting and Casting Cart1