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The Perfect balance of thickness and density for patient protection and comfort

Feathers and tears perfectly, giving the ability for perfect layering and protection without unneeded layers

Pulls perfectly around all aspects and countours without roping or thinning

Lays down perfectly, contours and conforms giving a perfectly smooth finish

  • Item NumberItem DescriptionSizeQuantity
    PCP-212Parker Premium 2" Polyester Cast Padding2" X 4 Yds. 12 Rolls / Bag
    PCP-312Parker Premium 3" Polyester Cast Padding3" x 4 Yds. 12 Rolls / Bag
    PCP-412Parker Premium 4" Polyester Cast Padding4" x 4 Yds. 12 Rolls / Bag
    PCP-606Parker Premium 6" Polyester Cast Padding6" x 4 Yds. 6 Rolls / Bag
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