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Industry Leading Strength with our Layered Fiberglass Technology

Moldable and Conformable

Minimal Water Activation

Soft and Breathable

No Wrong Side Application

Low Profile = Patient Comfort

Clean-N-Sharp scissors, free for life

Full warranty. No questions asked.

Hands-on workshops and online training video library

Superior quality control

Just-In-Time Production and Shipping

No backorders due to imports or customs holdups

Product Literature
Safety Data Sheet
  • Item NumberDescriptionSizeQuantity
    PS210PCParker Splint 2" x 10" Padded Pre-Cut Splints2" x 10" (5cm x 25cm)10 / Box
    PS212PCParker Splint 2" x 12" Padded Pre-Cut Splints2" x 12" (5cm x 30cm)10 / Box
    PS312PCParker Splint 3" x 12" Padded Pre-Cut Splints3" x 12" (7.5cm x 30cm)10 / Box
    PS335PCParker Splint 3" x 35" Padded Pre-Cut Splints3" x 35" (7.5cm x 89cm)5 / Box
    PS415PCParker Splint 4" x 15" Padded Pre-Cut Splints4" x 15" (10cm x 38cm)10 / Box
    PS430PCParker Splint 4" x 30" Padded Pre-Cut Splints4" x 30" (10cm x 76cm)5 / Box
    PS530PCParker Splint 5" x 30" Padded Pre-Cut Splints5" x 30" (12.5cm x 76cm)5 / Box
    PS545PCParker Splint 5" x 45" Padded Pre-Cut Splints5" x 45" (12.5 x 114cm)5 / Box
    PS630PCParker Splint 6" x 30" Padded Pre-Cut Splints6" x 30" (15cm x 76cm)5 / Box
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  • Parker Splint Safety Data Sheet
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