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The beginning of Parker Medical and the Revolution of the Medical Division as it is today.

Bruce Parker, CEO and Founder of Parker Medical Associates is the Original Inventor of Fiberglass Roll Splinting Systems.  As a Chemical Engineer, Bruce was intrigued with the idea of creating a fiberglass system that could be customized in length to each patient, then resealed for additional use of the same roll.  Previous to his invention and patented system, fiberglass rolls, either cast or splints would harden after being exposed to the air.  Because of the exposure to the outside elements there was an extreme amount of waste in all fiberglass delivery systems with the remaining portion that was not needed for each application.  Over the span of a decade, Bruce’s invention REVOLUTIONIZED Fracture Care in the Emergency and Operating Rooms across the world.

After manufacturing began with Parker Medical in 1987 in Charlotte, NC, he added a National Sales and Marketing Team.  The Sales Team demonstrated to End Users and Stake Holders the superior patient care and cost savings the Fiberglass Splinting System provided.  Product usage of the patented system in Fracture Management and Immobilization significantly increased around 1991.  In 1996 Bruce sold the company to Smith and Nephew, Inc., a Global Orthopedic Medical Device Company.  When he sold the company in 1996, 100% of all Fiberglass Products used in the Medical field were being manufactured in the USA.

By the time the patent expired, 98% of Fiberglass Products used for patient care was being manufactured overseas or outside the borders of the USA.  In 2007 Bruce re-started the Splinting and Casting Division of his Company and once again began manufacturing in Charlotte, NC.  Being one of the Leading Chemists and Fabricators in the USA, Bruce brought in-house all of the manufacturing processes of Fiberglass Splints.  Parker Medical Associates currently manufactures 100% of its Fiberglass Splints in Charlotte, Made in the USA!

Parker Medical once again has the REVOLUTIONARY, GOLD STANDARD Fiberglass Splinting System in the medical market today!