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Giving Back

Parker Medical Associates, with the leadership of Bruce Parker, our Founder and CEO, is and has always been committed to giving back to the community around us. Using the profits from the original sale of his first medical patent, Bruce has been a very active philanthropist in our local community as well making contributions that affect our national economy.

As a continued commitment to the community a long term pledge of 1 million dollars was made to Friendship Trays in Charlotte, NC.  Purchases of Parker Medical Associates products help contribute towards this commitment.  As part of fulfilling this commitment, Friendship Trays currently resides in a large portion of the Parker Medical Manufacturing Site on Distribution Street.

Friendship Trays commonly delivers more than 600 meals daily to elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged people who are unable or greatly restricted in their ability to secure food and prepare meals.  Deliveries are made by volunteers in our community on a daily or weekly basis keeping alive the mission of providing meals to those in need.

Additionally Parker Medical provides thousands of dollars in product annually to teaching facilities, hospitals, medical conferences and the everyday needs of those teaching new students in all areas of medical practice.  Significant contributions of teaching product are also donated annually to the veterinary market as well.

Parker Medical also donates medical product to professionals and organizations that are associated, or involved in worldwide educational missions, as well as Patient Care Missions to third world countries.  Products for medical missions or teaching opportunities are available upon request to our Corporate Office.